In ways my story is no different from anyone else who’s changed their diet to improve their health; except that my condition isn’t anything the doctors understand (even remotely). In 2008 I was disabled, bed bound, and in a wheel chair. Fatigue, seizures, trembling hands, chronic swollen glands and sore throat, fever, night sweats, bizarre rashes, hives, I could go on—were as daily a part of my life and constant as breathing. If only the answer were as simple as changing my diet! If only…

I consider my health crisis a gift. It forced me to examine the A through Z of my life. Diet, stress management, exercise, sleep, work, career, and relationships all went through rigorous reconsideration. Let’s not mince words: my illness tooketh away. But it also gaveth. I have it to thank for my processed-food, gluten, sugar-free lifestyle (which let’s be honest, sick or not, is a good thing)! It’s also responsible for my YouTube cooking channel, itself a merging of many passions.

As my brother says, “Gluten-Free, Not DEAD!” Glu-free folks deserve to have a cooking show too. Every Wednesday I post  video recipes that range from straightforward how-to’s like homemade almond flour to more complex meals like wild alaskan halibut ceviche tostadas. Expect copious joke telling, tom-foolery, practical tips, creative recipes, seasonal dishes, shout outs, imitations and more.

Above all, I want chronically ill people to have HOPE and know that there’s someone like who has gotten SO MUCH BETTER.

When this blog + show take off, I will dedicate a percentage of all profits made towards research into invisible and difficult to diagnose diseases.



To read more about me and my journey, check out an article I wrote for Delivering Happiness titled A Path to Happiness: Pursuing Your Passion (and Keeping Perspective).  You can also read a write up of my show from beloved blogger Kimi Harris of The Nourishing Gourmet.