Check 1,2 Is This Thing On?

I’m hearing through the grape vine (and no, I’m not drinking wine) that my last few blog posts and videos didn’t go through! Eeeeks. I wouldn’t want any of you lovely people to miss my recent episodes and recipes—eh hem, another reason to link up with my Facebook page for the show. In The Kitchen, Keepin’ It Real on Facebook wants YOU.

In the meantime, I’m sending this blog post out to confirm that you all are receiving them along with a little teaser for this week’s episode. How did I go from sending three notifications out every week to none. WordPress, let’s get ourselves in order!

If you did miss the last few, another way to make sure you don’t lose track of me is to subscribe to my Youtube channel. There were some pretty rad episodes in the last few weeks, so be sure to check ‘em out.

As a bonus for anyone who actually reads this, I will be collaborating with a fellow Youtuber soon to make a very special dessert for all of you, so do subscribe to stay tuned!

See if you can guess what I’m using the ingredients below to make?






  1. Looks like you are going to soak these in Olive Oil?
    Or they might end up inside a roasting chicken?

  2. I wondered what happened to you. I’m glad to hear you’re okay (and to get caught up with your cooking show).

  3. subscribe to my channel on youtube and/or like the Facebook page In The Kitchen’ Keepin It Real so we don’t lose track of each other again. I’m assuming since you wrote it means that everyone else got this too? i hope so!

  4. I can’t guess but it reminds me of an all herb salad I made recently. I know you could devise your own delicious, super healthy version. xoxo Leanne

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