Chocolate Covered Bananas (For All the Sweeties In Your Life)


This whole foods treat is perfect for Valentine’s day because you can make it with your kids as a fun activity, or with your boo to satisfy your inner kinky.

On a scale of risque to romance I tend towards the former (keepin’ it real here). Despite this fact I refrained from making a single inappropriate comment during the filming of this episode (no small feat considering I’m a comedian on the side).  I couldn’t, however, resist the below photograph. I dedicate this episode to all the peeps who are ladies in the street, but eh-hem, freaks in the bed.

I’ve been told by a few fans that I might want to keep the language clean on my show so as not to offend “conservatives” and “moms,” but last time I checked your kids don’t read gluten-free blogs (we hope!), and conservatives and moms still have sex, maybe even together (We hope! Or do we)?

Forgive this naughty photo, thanks for tuning in, and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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  1. loved the shout out! what what!

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