Corn Angst (No, This Is Not A Band)


My commitment to nutrient-dense food for 2013 has strengthened; in part due to the online community of people who are onboard with my same lifestyle, and in part due to revisiting the books that helped usher me into this traditional-foods-world to begin with (I’m working on an article/book review for all of you, too!)

I’ve been hemming and hawing about airing this week’s episode because it’s not part of an American nutrient-dense diet. It is, however, something that I occasionally enjoy eating. I’m keepin’ it real: sometimes I have a janky need for a taco or tostada (usually when what I really want is pizza) and/or, I don’t have the physical energy to rock-out a “real food” carbohydrate in the kitchen. In those times, this is a good go-to.  Corn tortillas as made by your abuelita would definitely have passed the real-foods-test, but the problem is: we don’t grow, produce, or process our corn the way our ancestors did, or even the way they still do in other countries. An errand to the store for Maseca corn flour is not how these ladies make a tortilla, for example.

That said, if I’m not making them myself I try to buy the traditionally made tortillas that are non GMO-certified. I believe in the 90/10 rule —90% of the time, eat nutrient-dense food, leave 10% for wiggle room. Consider this week’s episode part of the 10%.

After a tour through these books though, I don’t plan to buy any this year.

The comedic implications of considering a corn tortilla a vice are not lost on me. Nonetheless, I’ve been in a real mental gymnastics about what to do. I’m gonna make it one of my goals for this year to make a corn tortilla that passes the ‘traditional foods’ test. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s episode and pick up the traditionally made tortillas for this recipe if you can!

Because let’s be honset, these are great to have these on hand when a party is happening and you’re not able to mack down on the cheese and crackers. Also good to have go-to chips for guac and salsa. Plus, they’re much healthier than the pre-made, vegetable-oil-soaked stuff. Cheers!


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