DIY Budget (& Time Friendly) Gift: Citrus Salt

Salt! Glorious salt. Today’s video is a DIY budget (and time) friendly gift idea that’s easy enough for Derek Zoolander to make.

I could wax poetic about salt for days. I once said (in this video) that salad represented the infiniteness of the universe itself. It is no wonder that I feel the same way about salt. I caught myself writing those words, and thought, “You said that already. About salad.” In a sweep of synchronicity, check out what a little wikipedia-ing unearthed:

“The word salad literally means “salted”, and comes from the ancient Roman practice of salting leaf vegetables.[17]


little over a year ago, I posted a bonus write-up on citrus salt after making this fantastic Halibut Ceviche. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ll just quote myself:

“Citrus salt is: a great fancy food gift, easy and cheap to make, and a gourmet-game changer. Use it to add color, texture, flavor, and class to the rim of margarita glass; as a finishing touch on a roasted fennel fish dish or as garnish on sweet baked goods that play with fruit flavors (sweet blackberry scones come to mind). Use it in an herb sauce where you’d usually add lemon rind and salt. The possibilities are limitless.”

For this particular orange citrus salt, it’d be great atop some dark chocolate truffles as an accent note. Add a teensy bit of sugar and use it on cocktails that are excellent at holiday time: like whiskey with sparkling ginger and lemon juice. The flavors of foods that grow together, go together—so let them, and yourself, play.

This one minute vid is destined to inspire you for the holidays. Have a happy one at that!

-any quantity salt (my favorites are Maldon & Celtic Sea Salt
-any quantity citrus rind (lemons, limes, Valencia oranges, blood oranges, grapefruit, pomelo etc)

Note: use equal parts of citrus and salt for the best flavor combo.

1. Preheat your oven to its lowest setting.
1. Grate your citrus rind. Avoid the white pithy part.
2. Mix thoroughly with your salt of choice.
4. Dehydrate. Check the salt every fifteen minutes to avoid burning. Mine only took ten minutes! But my oven is a beast.
5. Test dryness by pinching some salt between your fingers. It should be bone dry and crumble easily.

Be sure the fruit is organic since you’ll be using the rinds!



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