Updates, January 2014

I know it’s been awhile. I’ve mentioned it in a few of my social media outlets, but I moved in December to a new home in Oakland, and it’s taken me out. I don’t know the source material for the assertion that moving is listed as one of the top five most stressful things a person can do—but it’s true for me. Especially since my illness is affected by stress. We took our time, and did it in stages to make it easier, but still. It’s moving. Thus, my break in posting here. Thus, the ghetto unedited images.  KIR, right? (KIR: That’s my new garden!)

If  you survived the “polar vortex” extreme cold, bravo. I wish I’d been there with you. Here in the Bay Area we’re strangely out of touch with all of that weather “reality.” It’s been sunny and warm mid-day, like all days (except when I took this photo).  I resent the nice weather when my body forces needs to be horizontal for 80% of the day. I also appreciate it.

My strength has been low. The act of speaking feels like pulling words attached to heavyweight anchors up from inside and out of my mouth. It strains my throat, which is swollen and sore. This is KIR (Keepin’ It Real) here, nothing more. Do not feel sorry for me. I’m the luckiest and happiest person on the planet (according to me).

I am looking forward to bringing you more video recipes this year from my new kitchen, which has great natural light and a big open floor plan (i.e., easy to setup with tripods and lights!) I also am working on a video update to show you the new digs, including the backyard garden where I plan to shoot summer episodes. In the meantime, here are some updates to share.

1. In the wee bit beginnings of January, I helped the lovely Simone Shifnadel of Zen Belly Blog cater the book signing event for Chris Kresser‘s release of Your Personal Paleo Code. Chris’s website is a must check out for all people living with/managing chronic illness. His articles are well written, backed by research, and incredibly helpful to all of us folks living with zebra diseases. Just today, he published this article titled, “What To Do if You Need to Take Antibiotics,” the very question I’ve been grappling with since I recently tested positive (again) for Lyme. (Perhaps another explanation for my flare in symptoms).

The event was lovely, but a total doozy for my body. I had been bed bound three days prior, and summoned the (adrenaline-ether-energy) to make it. Follow me on Instagram to see pics like the one below, snapped in a moment before dessert went out. That’s Simone’s hand putting candied citrus peels on the the paleo chocolate delicacies.

2. Lucky for me, I got to meet the gluten free blogging goddes Shauna Ahern of TheGlutenFreeGirl! Her recipes, tips and advice (especially in the baking department) have been hugely helpful to me as I’ve fumbled my way to bring the interwebs things like Gluten Free Zucchini Bread.  It’s been exciting to see her recipes shift in a more paleo direction lately! AND, the incredibly lovely, funny, fantastic Melissa Joulwan of The Clothes Make the Girl.

Both of these women are inspirations, and to meet them in person after so much internet stalking, eh-hem I mean fandom…was worth all the drain and tiredness and headaches that came later.

3. Living with my illness means living with limits, and that means that I wasn’t able to attend the book release party for Michelle Tam + Henry Fong’s newest cookbook Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans. I saw Michelle at Chris’s event, shrieked, “Eeeks,” and then had to disappear to help get more water for the tables. I never got to have my copy signed, but I’m hoping that it won’t be the only chance I’ll have. She’s local. And that means I’ll stalk her, eh-hem I mean be a fan, until we’re friends. Seriously though. I’m a huge fan already.

4. I applied to be an official blogger for the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo happening at the end of January in the Bay Area—and I made it! I’m not sure what the criteria for being accepted was, but I know it wasn’t due to the staggering numbers of followers. It’ll be a push for sure, but I’m excited to meet gluten free vendors, and discover new products that I might get to share with all of you.

Last but not least, there’s these blog changes I keep referring to and not implementing. But that’s because of my health, and the desire to get it right. 2014 is going to be all about you my friends. My videos will be focused on the things you told me in your survey. My blog posts will change too. Expect more poetry!

That said, I’m rooting for all of you to be feeling as well as possible. And if the winter makes you blue, get your hands on a copy of Chopin’s Prelude in E Minor, No. 4 Op. 28 (which in the age of Spotify means it’s a few clicks away).

Learning it on the piano has been  been keeping me afloat, and accounts for 5 percent of how I spend a day upright.

It says all the things that I can’t say because they’re organic matter things that live inside, that surface in dreams and in lethargy.

Thanks for reading.

A la prossima,


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  1. Hi friend!

    I really enjoyed this update. I’m epically jealous of that vibrant new space + garden. I know you’re gonna LOVE the heck out of it.

    I’m sad to hear you’ve been struggling health wise. I’m sending you all my love + light!


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